imageI am Luca Livio, Management Consultant at the Brussels’ office of McKinsey & Company and PPS fellow at ECARES, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

I hold a PhD in Economics from ECARES. My doctoral studies have been financed by the Belgian Scientific Research Fund (FRS-FNRS) and supervised by Georg Kirchsteiger (in the picture with me).


Research Interests: Behavioral Economics, Contract Theory, Microeconomics.

Research papers:

Flexible and Mandatory Banking Supervision (2018), with Alessandro De Chiara (CEU), and Jorge Ponce (Banco Central del Uruguay).  Journal of Financial Stability, volume 34, pages 86-104.

The Threat of Corruption and the Optimal Supervisory Task (2017) with Alessandro De Chiara (CEU).  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, volume 133, pages 172-186.

Friends or Foes? Optimal Incentives for Reciprocal Agents, (2016) MIMEO.