I am Luca Livio, Management Consultant at the Brussels office of McKinsey & Company* and PPS fellow at ECARES, Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB)

I hold a PhD in Economics from ECARES. My doctoral studies have been financed by the Belgian Scientific Research Fund (FRS-FNRS) and supervised by Georg Kirchsteiger


Work in progress:

Bargain or Train?  On-the-job training and bargaining power within UK households (2020) with Tommaso Aquilante (Bank of England) and Tom Potoms (University of Sussex)


Friends or Foes? Optimal Incentives for Reciprocal Agents (2019) with Alessandro De Chiara (CEU).  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, volume 167, pages 245-278

Flexible and Mandatory Banking Supervision (2018), with Alessandro De Chiara (CEU), and Jorge Ponce (Banco Central del Uruguay). Journal of Financial Stability, volume 34, pages 86-104

The Threat of Corruption and the Optimal Supervisory Task (2017) with Alessandro De Chiara (CEU).  Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, volume 133, pages 172-186

*This is a personal website.  Any results or conclusions in the research presented on this website are my own and do not represent in any way the view of McKinsey&Company*